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Written by Ashley Hong(Canterbury School grade 2)


On August 10th, 2017 I went to the 56th Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival with my grandma, grandpa and little sister(Katherine). We stayed at Napoli Motel. We stayed with people from Washington D.C. and people from North Korea who escaped. When we got there we threw our bags in our room and headed for the cable cars. The view from the mountains was amazing and beautiful. The next day, we went to General Lee Park and we looked at the ocean. It was wonderful. Every morning we went to a delicious restaurant and our server was really nice to us. We also got to go on two turtle ships and we got to see how they built war ships back then. The Joseon Naval Forces created and used them to fight the Naval Forces of Japan in Great Battle of Hansan in 1592. We also got to put on clothes that someone from the navy would wear. We even went on a real navy ship. We saw people dressed as soldiers from the 1500's, as they walked they led us to an large open area to show us sword fighting. they even used real knifes to cut bamboo in half. We also got to go to an outdoor museum that showed us how they lived in the late 1500's and early 1600's. At the museum we did a quiz to get a prize. The prize was a notebook and pencil. There were also crafts so we did a few of them. We made bookmarks and pencil cases. But we could not make the model of the turtle boat so we bought it so we could do it in America. We got to learn about how people lived back then. Thank you to the Mayor of Tongyeong for inviting us, we had so much fun experience. THE END